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Pure aloe vera gel enriched with the goodness of organic Aloe Vera pulp and Vitamin E Organic Sparsh Aloe Vera Gel ensures a medicinal miracle for your damaged skin. A traditional way to treat your skin with many problems, hydrating all-purpose gel. It has natural astringent anti-burn properties. 


Key Ingredients:- Aloe vera pulp, Aloe vera leaf extract, Neem and aloe oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, For preservation Aloe vera distillate. (Pectin powder for stabilization and gel making) How to use:Wash your face, take some amount in your palm and gently massage your face. Take 1/2 tbsp and add in any dry face pack powder.Before going to bed Apply a little bit of skin and rinse it off the next morning. Take 1 tbsp or according to your hairs add aloe vera in your hair oil, apply on hairs and gently massage. wash it off after 1 hour. Benefits: Have anti-ageing properties, lighten the blemishes, reduce acne, and provide skin hydration. Protects skin from sunburn. Caution: Perform a patch test before use/ Keep it in a cool and dry place 

Aloe vera gel

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